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dakgangjeong (Spicy Korean Fried Chicken)

Warning: Once you try this Korean fried chicken, you’ll be hooked for life! The double deep-frying process gives it an ultra-crunchy texture, while the sweet and spicy glaze is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. This is a must-try if you haven’t experienced Korean fried chicken yet!


Bunny Custard Steamed Buns

These are the CUTEST steamed buns you could ever make! They’re soft, pillowy and filled with a rich custard. They’re perfect to celebrate Lunar New Year (The Year of the Rabbit), Easter or just to make any time you’re feeling like some comforting Asian treats.



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Welcome to That Cute Dish! I’m Emma, a foodie who never goes anywhere without some snacks in her bag. I love eating, traveling and photographing food. My favorite thing is to recreate recipes influenced by my childhood and travel memories. Here you will find authentic but also reinvented dishes, with a slight emphasis on Asian cuisine.

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